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Life debts are a real thing in Wookiee culture and are indeed Very Serious Business. But not even the most strict of conservative would argue that a life debt requires you to drop everything and dedicate the rest of your life to the person you owe the debt too.

Kashyyyk is a dangerous planet. People save each other’s life all the time. What it does create is a lifelong bond and a sense of obligation. Strengthening of inter-group ties and cooperation, yada, yada…

So when Han saved Chewie from slavers, Chewie could have done the equivalent of exchanging business cards, saying hey I owe you one and maybe we could stay in contact, exchange the odd letter.

And gone on his way with the basic requirements of the life debt satisfied.

But the kid had obviously just lost everything and Chewie thought he should probably watch over him for a little while, just until he got back on his feet. 

Which quickly turned into “Child, you need a keeper" 

(as an aside, Chewbacca, no matter how much he like to project himself as the lone voice of reason, is terrible at keeping Han out of trouble, he agrees to stunts even when he should know better and has his own temper beside.)

and then into “He’s mine. You hurt him at your own peril.“ 

10 years down the line there are a number of Wookiees, his wife among them, who are like:

“The life debt excuse stopped being believable 6 months in. Just admit you’ve adopted him and prefer galactic smuggling to life on Kashyyyk and stop giving outsiders distorted ideas about our cultural norms!” 

he was in ep 3 wasn’t he he probably thinks after all the jedi hijinks he’s been part of han solo is positively restful 


you know, when I think about it, I think he was just as disillusioned as Han in ANH and before. 

He risked life and limbs for the Republic during the Clone Wars. He fought alongside Jedi and Clones and apparently held the Jedi in high enough regards. 

Only to see the same Republic, now rebranded the Empire, slaughter the Jedi and enslave him and his people. 

And for the next 20 years probably the only people he can get to view him as more than a semi-sentient animal are smuggler and other people on the fringe.  Meanwhile, the Empire’s reach gets longer with every passing year, and seemingly nothing can stop it, and not much CARES to stop it. 

Like Han he doesn’t much see the point to go on a crusade and would rather quietly care for himself and his own (the main difference is, Chewie might be quicker to admit he does want to go on this crusade) 

So yeah in a way I do think he found traveling the Galaxy with Han restful in comparison to his previous life, in an Akuna Matata kind of way. 

Oh, definitely! I have feelings about adventurous YA Chewie - a wookiee’s lifespan is a couple hundred years, I think? - giving his all for grand principles in the Clone Wars, but seeing the ideals he fought for eroded by the progress of the war and destroyed by the Empire. 

Later, adult!Chewie is disconnected and enslaved and ground down, then meets Han Solo, who is full of energy and has a core of principles, even if on a more flexible and smaller scale than Chewie’s past. Chewie can live this way in the hostile Empire, putting the burden of the old broken promises into the past; living in the now, finding ways to keep a core of decency, and reminding his adopted son/brother/bff, too. (…and getting to have adventures along the way, too, the secret adrenaline junkie.) Along the lines of what you said, we don’t know what Chewie says when they meet Luke and Ben Kenobi. Maybe he was saying ‘hey, why not this crusade!?’ 

(sorry I didn’t reply to this sooner, you got hit by the procrastination circle of doom, friend)

And yes! That’s exactly how I picture Chewie’s parcour pre-ANH. 

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  • Echo Chamber - duc - Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
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  • fialleril:“ fizzygingr:“ Didn’t think I’d find myself agreeing with Count Dooku but here I am.”Okay but he’s honestly 100% right.”This is, incidentally, part of how the Jedi screwed themselves over with Anakin.TPM Anakin had a firm moral...
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@lectorel , @fialleril (when you get back) you have to read this. This is a Star Trek Gaila-centric fic that talk about slavery, cultural differences and language. 

This is kinda how I imagine Anakin at least one of the language Anakin speaks. A dialect/language (I think it would be right at the fuzzy line between both) heavily based on Huttese, that certainly sounds like it at first glance (or first ear) but is actually mostly to completely non-intelligible to Huttese speakers, depending on factors such as familiarity with it, effort put into deciphering and/or amount of similarity in specific sentence. 

The Hutts and their follower think of it as bad Huttese. Stupid slaves too stupid to learn how to speak properly. 

Taking their clues from the Hutts, it’s not classified as a language or dialect by any official databases (take that “if it’s not in the Archive it does not exist” Jocasta Nu), at best there’ll be a brief mentions that slaves on Hutese territories (I think there are Regional variant on other Hutt controlled planets like Nar Shaddaa) “Tend to speak a Huttese so garbled as to be nearly un-understandable”. 

The slaves have learned to use it to their advantage. There is, for example, an entire tradition of taking a popular huttese song, the kind played in cantinas and performed by Twi’lekk singers in palaces, and improvising new lyrics in select places. 

Those hide-and-replace songs are used to pass along information discretely and/or to vent frustrations. They are appreciated and graded by how well they mesh with the original lyrics (how discrete and subtle the changes are while still getting the message across) and/or by the poetry of the new lyrics (the genre has its own poetic conventions). 

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 After spending most of his life in the Core and around Core world people (which is the case by AOTC) Anakin’s accent in basic is the GFFA equivalent of transatlantic, Not quite Core world, not quite Outer Rim, and not recognizably from any Mid Rim world either, with speech patterns that tend to get more formal whenever he’s uncomfortable or upset (to reach peek stilted formality as Vader). 

But he’s had very little occasion to speak Huttese since TPM, not for any extended period of time. So his Huttese, unless he’s making a conscious effort to speak high-Huttese, sounds exactly as it did when he left with Qui-Gon: Tatooinian gutter rat.

All that to say that in any AU where Han ever hears him speak Huttese he jumps about a foot in the air. 

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Title: Date Night

Rating: G.

Warnings: Nothing that comes to mind.

Beta: None

Summary/Prompt: From tumblr meme prompt: Anidala #25 "I can't believe you talked me into it"

Fandom: Star Wars

Pairings/Characters: Anakin Skywalker/Padmé Naberrie Amidala

Word count: 422

A N: I briefly tried for a straight drabble, but even trying to be as succinct as possible it was clear 100 words weren't gonna cut it. I like this little ficlet. When I saw AOTC back when it came out this is pretty much how I pictured their relationship working. Two idealists enabling each other into being more reckless idealists.

Read more... )
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 To continue my commitment to crosspost from tumblr to dreamwidth.

I was mostly inspired to come back to the Star Wars fandom by Lectorel, Fialleril and co's semi collective imagining of Tatooine's slave community and slave culture. 

And here is a tiny contribution (If I may) that popped into my head:

One one of the symbols often used in the slave culture iconography is called the Krayt Dragon Jaw, looking something like this:
krayt dragon jaw photo kraytdragon_zpsa2ffrhdq.jpg
Embroidered on clothes or painted on everyday objects it looks like the top one, a straight line lined with smaller lines and dots. When painted on someone's face, it looks like the bottom one, an arch across the forehead with hooks coming under the eyes, again lined with a series of smaller lines and dots. 

It's a protection symbol often used with small children or people about to do something dangerous. It's both a way to recommend someone into the Elder Sister's watch and to pray that the person themself be filled with the strength of a Krayt Dragon.

(The first few times Anakin podraced, he wore a Krayt Dragon Jaw painted on his forehead. By TPM it was probably embroidered somewhere on his clothing)
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 I was daydreaming the other day about redeemed Vader in the Rebel Alliance, it wandered to Anakin going through several sets of uniform in a day because he forgot to change before going to town on an engine, and then getting nostalgic for his Jedi robes because they showed stains a lot less than the light blue and tan of the Alliance officer uniforms.

And guys, guys, I've seen the idea that Anakin favored blacks and other dark colors because he was a desert child and needed all the warmth he could get, but what if it was also because blacks, dark browns and greys are a lot more forgiving about engine grease and other tinkering related stains than the creams and tans favored by Obi-Wan?

Obi-Wan strikes me as the type to value looking neat and proper, and he has a low opinion of droids and ships, so he probably wouldn't the most supportive of Anakin's "hobby" to begin with, so I don't see him being overly pleased that his padawan managed to get his fresh-out-of-laundry clothes dirty AGAIN. Anakin would learn that darker is better pretty fast I think.
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As some of you know I have....well a thing with gender. I'm 80%, 90%, 60% reasonably sure I identify as female, or at least more toward the female end of the spectrum, but I don't like looking like it. I love, love when I look like I could be either, to this day one of the easiest way to make me smile is to call me male title/pronouns.

So after about a decade (holly shit how time flies) of wishing my breast could be destroyed in a freak accident, wearing the tightest sport bras I can find to minimize them and generally trie to make them disappear, I GOT A CHEST BINDER!!!!!!

Actually this started about a year ago as I slowly came to the conclusion that, yes, chest binding might be for me, that I didn't need to be a full blown transman to have legitimity, and I started looking into it.

Well it turns out that there is a center in Montreal that sells binder, the safest, most comfortable option for binding, for a nominal fee (my alma matter's Gender Advocacy Center as it turns out).

So last Thursday as I was in the area I decided to go take a look, figuring, I can at least decide if I like wearing them.

and boy those things are awesome.
me with binder photo DSC00105_zpsbb0e0e4f.jpg

this is one of my thinest T-shirt, the ones that drape the most and show my shape the most. And I look flat! :D And I notice my shoulders more! They are actually larger than my hips. :D

Disclaimer: Now I am not a very curvy person, I'm a b cup and with the bras I wear most of the time it looks more like an A cup. So probably not that much difference, bit *I* see it and I like it.

Comfort wise:

I had heard (and by heard I mean read in a fic) that those things don't want to be put on, and they don't. it's a pain to get on and a slightly lesser pain to get off. 

once it's on it feels like a sport bra if sport bras had a band that ran the entire chest instead of just a hinch or two below the breast. it's tight but I can take full breathes. I've worn it for two entire days so far and it felt fine.

And that's about it. I just needed to squee to someone. :)

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After moving in August, I now live near the biggest public library in Montreal. And they have a pretty big collections of (american) comics, in English even (like many people, if I speak the original language translations grates).

So I've been reading a lot of stuff and I realised yesterday that with my brand new camera i can take pictures of relevant passages and share my reaction.

First one: Wonder Woman: The Circle, by Gail Simone, Terry Dodson, Bernard Chang.

The scene starts like this: Diana and Special Agent Tom Tresser have a potencial something going on, they're both definitely interested. Diana comes to visit him in his hospital room and asks him omminous questions such as "Are you, at the moment, sound of mind?" and gives him tokens ( a nectarine pit pendant and a bracelet).

of course he asks what's going on, and she says:

I'm courting you in the manner of my people!

So many things in that little line. Explicite aknowledgment that Amazones form romantic relationships amongs themselves, explicite stating that the amazones have rituals and traditions regarding relationships, the fact that diana wants to follow those customes instead of adopting the traditions of the heterosexual America.:) That made my day.

But it gets better.

After a few pannels Tresser finally remembers a little fact:

Now everyone who think he's going to either ask if they really court as in I-want-to-have-sex-with-you- and all or just boggle at the warrior women dating and fucking raise your hand.

here's what he actually says:

"Does all this stuff still count with a guy involved?"

Agent Tresser, you just sold me on your character.
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Merry Christmas to those celebrating and a good day to those that don't
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Hi everyone,

No i was not dead, just didn't have any fandom energy (...and i have two fics I have missed the deadline for that aren't even finished yet, but that's for another post)

So the point of this post is not to wince about the fics I should have finished by now (although I am sorry about that)it's about costumes.

See, I went to the con last year and came away with the intention of going in costume if I could swing it this year.

Well, the con is the weekend after the next.

Costume is still a possibility but I need to seriously get working on that. (No I haven't yet, why do you ask?) and I'm wondering what you guys think.

There were three characters I was considering dressing up as:

Carol Denver as Warbird

This is a BAMF costume but my least favorite/likely to wear.
1. I have no idea how to make the upper body armor (and it makes the costume so I can't leave it out), 2. I wear glasses so the mask is going to be a pain in the ass 3. it's skin tight and I find skin tight clothing uncomfortable 4. as much as I love Carol I love the other 2 more.

Xavin of the Runaways

More precisely, the skrull form (the female one, which I know exists but i couldn't find any scan (LOTS of fanarts though))

Now Xavin is my favorite. I love her to tiny bits, if I was going by love of the character I would go as Xavin for sure.

But on the practical side the cons are adding up:
- skintight :(
- full facial make up (again glasses, also never done before)
- elf ears (where do I get that?)
-need a wig
- find pants/leggins and shirt in MATCHING shade of purple
- the upper body armor is sometimes drawn as just a black and purple shirt... but I would STILL need to sew the black onto a purple shirt

Faiza Hussain, Excalibur

Another fantastic character, fantastikely kick ass costume. AND it would be comfy to wear.

I have almost decided to go as Faiza.

Things I would need for Faiza:
- Gloves (I am in the process of lengthening a pair for SCA fencing anyway)
- tabard (an afternoon of sewing, maybe two if I keep screwing up)
- sword (plan to hit the one dollar kid toy aisle, they alway have swords)
- hood (if I use thick material I can use it for SCA fencing, I need one anyway, again, one afternoon of sewing)
- I don't think the leg armor is necessary for the costume to be reconizable so I probably won't bother unless I find something that would work.


I could use someone else's opinion/knowledge on two points:

- the symbol on the tabard is three swords on a red sun, right? It is suprisingly hard to find a clear view of it.

- She's wearing a hood, right? It LOOKS like a hood to me, with some kind of coif underneath, bu it is also somewhat similar to how they draw her civilian clothing headscarf in the issues I have so... I thought I would double check.

Any thoughts?


Apr. 5th, 2012 10:48 am
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So having had a lot of fun last year I was really exited for (and really didn't want to miss) Queer_Fest this year, despite the wank.

So yesterday I started compiling all the prompts I found interesting in the aim of picking one and signing up. I took them all over to Faerii on gchat to brainstorm...

...and guess what? I claimed two!

Prompt:Any fandom, any character, asexual doesn't mean asocial.
Posting Date:June 15
Which is going to star Bruce Wayne and maybe another character. I think I'm going to go with something like "Bruce shares some hard earned wisdom"


Prompt:Any fandom, any character, a trans* character deals with the fact that they don't always like or care to follow the gender *roles* associated with their gender.
Posting Date:June 13
Which is going to be a sequel (a real sequel this time) of We Need to Talk.

I guess we'll see what happens
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OK so I saw this meme first on Faeri's journal but I'm blaming [personal profile] valtyr and [personal profile] jazzypom.

How do I write? Good question. I think I'm closer to Valtyr than to Jazzypom. I usually start with a concept or a snatch of scene, maybe a line of dialogue.

then I usually let it simmer in my head for a while (or just leave it there as is the case with a lot of original universes that never saw paper). I'll turn it around and poke at it, get all sort of ideas for it, that don't all make it into the fic (no, knowing Jan ran away from her father's house to join the clothier guild, until her father was killed and she took up soldiering with Hank, her father's aprentice, to avenge him was not usefull to write A Long Way to Go)

So I end up with a serie of points I want to hit along the journey and a general sense of what I want to see. But I wont have any detailed plan until I start writing. Because the only way for me to know how to get from one point to the next is to walk the path, so to speak.

I make a lot of decision as I'm writing, sometimes whole characterization points or even scenes come up to me. The order of the scene frequently changes as I start to write or are not decided. It's when I refine my vague plot points into an actual series of actions.

of course sometimes (a lot of the time) I hit a wall, where I can't get to where I want either emotionaly or naratively (or both) and I poke, and poike and poke at it. Sometimes the bricks rearange and a door open, and some times I have to backtrack to get on the right road. (in other words, I take out my trusty notebook and rewrite the entire scene, which works surprisingly well)

And that how I write.

.... Forgot something. How detaled my points are before I start writing can depend a lot. it also depends on how far along I am.

For example, A Long Way to Go, which is my longest and plotiest fic so far, started out as me having a fairly good idea of the AU world it was set it but none of the plot (there was no plot back then) and I just wrote scenes as they came with no idea of what was coming after. Then plot got in. And I started drawing maps, and realised I needed an outline. Now my outline wasn't the most detailed but by the middle, that fic was the most organised I had even written. With outlines, timelines and while I added some scenes as they came and fiddled with the order on the fly I did have a good idea of all I needed to write.

Now for We Need to Talk. I started writting with a fairly good idea of all the points I wanted to hit. Unfortunatly my structure for that fic was Tony-tries-to-figure-out-way-to-tell-husband-he-is-transgender-and-take-a-trip-down-memory-lane. So I had no idea in what order the points were going to come or even how to get to them. I just turned on the Tony voice and let go.
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Merry Christmas everyone.

However you celebrate it I hope you have a nice holliday.
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I now has a shiny new AO3 account. I had asked for one at the beginning of October....

But shiny new account. Will upload all of my fics there as soon as I have the time/figure out how.
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well, as December is coming nearer and I can't work on my translation all the time without burning brain cells I've decided to start writing one of the prompt.

More specificaly : the D/s prompt. If only to check if I can pull it off before it's too late. Here goes...Now how do I password protect a file, again?

EDIT 2011-11-16:

Nevermind I'm on the S.H.I.E.L.D one now.


Sep. 19th, 2011 06:20 pm
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I'm behind on BigBang.

On the other hand, Guess what I did yesterday? I have now gone to my first Con ever. All in all i think the day was well spend. Me and my cousin arrived just before opening time, then waited something like 40 minutes in line (not even the ticket line, longest was just the line to get inside). So of course I missed the pannel I wanted to see.

Came into the dealers room with no plan and no idea of what the rest of the pannels where about (Note to self: next time research pannel before hand) So I toured the stands. I did not buy everything, but the temptation was there. So much pretty.

In terms of comics I started out utterly lost. Comics are ,to my European mind used to Franco-Belgian BD and Mangas, complicated. So i wandered from stand to stand not knowing what to even look for. Then I remembered scans that had been posted on Cap_ironman and series I already knew and soon I became the proud owner of:

Marvel Adventures: Avengers vol. 2 (first aquisition, the one that broke the spell)
Marvel Adventures: Avengers vol. 4
Avengers, Red Zone.
And Avenger Prime, issue #4.

satisfying day.

As for the other stuff, man, so much shiny. They had what felt like every superheroe shirt ever made. They certainly had some awesome ones. I was tempted by a few (In fact if the "Xavier's school for gifted youngsters" shirt had been in another color than black I would have bought it) but in the end I thought I had enough superheroe shirts already. They also had a lot of really awesome patches but they were a bit too expensive for my taste.

So in the end I bought two buttons. one Wonder Woman logo one and one that says "I'm an Avenger". The Avenger button is awesome. Soon as I get my hands on a camera I'm posting pictures (May make an icon).

After the dealers there was the artists (Artist gallery?). Had to resist the temptation to buy some really pretty art there too, but i have one woman's card so I might not be safe yet.

Then I remembered to go to a few pannels before they were actually over. had no idea what the pannels were about when I wlaked in but they proved interesting.

All in all, next year? More planning (and maybe a costume)
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I anyone is reading this, click on this link:


basicaly, 2 YA authors got told by an agent that zie would represent them if they made one of the POW character (who happenned to be gay) straight.

They are asking for people to spread the story so that's what I'm doing.

PS: They also have long list of YA protagonists who are LGBT and/or of color.
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Rough draft finished and sent along with summary.

I wrote 9ks in a week. *can't quite believe it* That's more than 1k a day!

and now i have to edit and fill in all that but I am proud of myself.
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